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    Continuing Education College, Shanghai Maritime University is the subordinate secondary college of Shanghai Maritime University, which contains the crew training, navigation vocational education, correspondence night school and land vocational training, etc. The college and Shanghai Seafarers Training Center use “two entities,a team”mode of operation,which contain four teaching management agencies, namely the department of crew training, the department of correspondence night school, the department of continuing education and the department of navigation vocational education. They are responsible for organizing all kinds of crew members to participate in the textual research training and special training of national maritime bureau certificate of competency, adult-college education(bachelor degree, college) and the professional certificate education, the job training and continuing education for top, middle management cadres and technical cadres in traffic system, and all kinds of technical training for Shanghai Pudong and senior crew training project. Continuing Education College have independent teaching office building,students' dormitory, computer room, language lab and mess, etc in teaching and living facilities, and have a complete set of management and service system for administration, teaching, teaching materials, general affairs, and financial. In august 2015,Continuing Education College\Shanghai Seafarers Training Center integrally move to the fifth floor,no.2600 Pudong avenue.Continuing Education College have advantages to higher education and professional training in marine, and Shanghai Seafarers Training Center have advantages to offer the comprehensive and systematic navigation professional competency and technical training, especially for advanced crews. The training scale and quality of college/center have a certain reputation and influence in Shanghai and the national transportation system.
    According to the statistics, a total of more than thirty thousand of trainees were trained to be competent mariners as captains,chief engineers,chief officers, second engineers,third officer and fourth engineers in the department of crew training, and our college has a high ranking on the training quality all over the country. Since the recovery of the recruit students in 1985,correspondence night school develops from single correspondence education to? various forms of education for correspondence, night school and adult higher vocational, and the cultivating specification develops from the original single college degree education to the present multilevel degree education for college and bachelor and associate to bachelor degree. Now there are 4 bachelor professional,8 associate to bachelor degree professional and 7 college professional.The department of continuing education held professional training in shipping management,shipping agency,logistic transport, e-commerce, financial accounting, container transport and ocean shipping tally for the top and middle management cadres in the ministry of transportation and domestic and foreign shipping company, meanwhile provide professional qualification training in English ?interpretation, computer, continuing education of accounting for society.The department of navigation vocational education operates the Chinese-foreign cooperative education training projects with the cultivation of characteristic and order, its characteristic lies in that the owners fully participate in maritime education training process and pay attention to English ability training and navigation professional morality. The project attracts such as COSCO,NYK,V-SHIPS, SINO-CHEM,SEASPAN and other international big shipping companies to participate actively. Continuing Education College, Shanghai Maritime University/Shanghai Seafarers Training Center keeps up with the new development of international maritime, adhere to the quality first and the communication mechanism of educational policy and extensive contacts with shipping interests for taking the customers as the core, takes full advantage of the development of teachers, equipment facilities, shipping disciplines and professional knowledge in Shanghai maritime university, the good experience of navigation education training, as well as all other aspects of the conditions and accumulation, and constantly promotes the internationalization, specialization and characterization of navigation education training, and provides training services in high quality professional education for the domestic and international shipping industries.